Starfishoz Community Hub: Take a Look Around

It’s likely you are just checking this community hub out after there has been a recent announcement that you should do so!

In that case, there are just a few moments in which to communicate the intention of this space. Put simply, it is a tool to provide a central reference point for matters relating to our community life.

I don’t expect you’ll visit it every day or even every week. However, from time to time you may check-in for the date of an event, or to look at photos from our camp, or to check out a suggested resource or listen to the latest podcast. The community hub endeavours to bring together those online ‘bits and pieces’ we use from time to time to assist our actual community life. It’s done behind the public doors simply so we can be honest, specific and authentic in what we communicate.

So, have a quick poke around. Take a look at the photo gallery and see if you can spot yourself! Visit the resources page and see if there is an article, book, video or audio which encourages you in your journey of faith. There’s also a calendar with a few organised events both within and beyond our community which may be pertinent to you.

With all that said, what else do you think we could add to this hub for the benefit of our community?

Write your thoughts, suggestions and feedback in a comment on this post. This isn’t mean to be a fancy showpiece but a little workhorse to serve our community life.

In the meantime, may each of you know the truth of Christ bringing you into the household to dwell and enjoy the benefits He afforded us through His work.

Grace and peace