Who we are? A Kingdom Community.
What we’re about? Living missional lives for Jesus.

Welcome to the StarfishOz website. We’re glad you’ve stopped by.

StarfishOz is a family of believers in Jesus Christ. We’re based in South Australia and our community life is built around shared values.

This website serves as a means to encourage and equip people in our community to live missional lives for Jesus. If you’re just visiting, welcome. Please enjoy the various resources made available.


We want to make available resources which lead you to Jesus and enable you to discover His cosmic purpose for humanity and your life. These resources are often reflections, conversations, and thoughts which aim to prompt you into looking for the truth in Christ.  Ask Jesus Himself to lead you as you seek first his Kingdom.

What We’re All About

We would love you to think we are always on about Jesus’ business … but we are human! The truth is that our foundation is Christ and in Him we are experiencing  His forgiveness. Plus, we know that HE is always on about HIS business in us! As Paul says to the Thessalonians,

“God will make this happen, for He who calls you is faithful.”

The truth is that we have been so captured by the power and simplicity of life in Christ that we desire to love and serve him as our King and friend.  We recognise that being his chosen people as his ‘church’ means we can function to serve His purposes in simple and organic ways.  We see His call for us as doing what is necessary to live a life of faith to accomplish His purpose for our lives and humanity.  That often means we meet in homes as a means to be encouraged and equipped SO THAT we can be sent into the world to express His love to others.

Some would call that mission.

We’re a Kingdom community with a heart for mission. Committed to the Great Commandment and Great Commission, we’re on a journey together learning along the way. [Read more]

Our community is relationship based rather than structure or program based. Our relationships revolve around shared values. [Read more]

We invite the counsel of others into our collective journey. While we don’t need permission from external others, we treasure the perspective spiritual mums and dads offer. [Read more]