Financial resourcing

Partnering in Starfishoz

Recipients of the ministry provided through Starfishoz may feel led to support this financially. The principal of “the church and the work” (Acts 13:1-5) applies here, for the outworking of this particular expression of church actually needs a financial base, just as it has a relational and structural base.

Any giving to this account goes to support the work that is Starfishoz.

Account name: Starfishoz local deposit No. 1

BSB: 704-942

Account Number: 144377S1

Blessing either Peter or Craig

Account names

· P & J Steicke ATF Steicke F/T

BSB: 704-942

Account No: 138590

· C & T Joppich ATF Joppich F/T

BSB: 704-942

Account No: 137332