Craig’s Story

Put simply, I’m on a journey of adventure which keeps leading me to something unexpected, unknown and yet completely enthralling.  The past five years have been exceptionally significant as King Jesus has used the foundation he has laid in my life and previous generations to have me doing things I’d never thought possible.

I was raised on a farm in the mid-north of South Australia, a place and lifestyle which I hoped to continue in for life.  When I returned from college at age 18, we relocated to a farm at Naracoorte and I began to live my dream of working on the land.  It was during this time that God radically captured my life and propelled me into a desire to simply do whatever I could to see others know the hope and life that comes from knowing Jesus.

That was 14 years ago, and up until the last 6 I’ve been energetically and wholeheartedly seeking to make the best of what we have in church as we know it.

It was through a combination of experiences, questions, travel, relationships, prayer and the Word that Jesus began to reveal new possibilities for how He wanted to reach most especially the people of Australia.  There’s nothing essentially new in what I’ve discovered, but it is new for me.  And here are some of the highlights that have me positioned where I am now…

  • Jesus captures all of life and He is Lord.  I had personally sought to engage with a ‘plug in God’ and had somehow made Jesus a means to my ends.  And yet all along He has been drawing me to ‘leave everything’ and follow Him alone.  That means EVERYTHING, possessions, dreams, ego, finances, greed, empires, and control.  Since then He has been re-teaching me what it means to be a loyal loving servant who not only knows the King, but lives with loving obedience in HIS kingdom and for HIS purposes.
  • Jesus seems to not be so concerned with titles, positions, programs and methodologies, but with love, abiding, disciples, and fruit. (John 14 & 15)
  • I increasingly saw disparity between my life and the lifestyle that the New Testament shows especially in relation to the followers of Jesus.
  • Questions of basic fruit bearing allowed me to ask more questions about why I am doing what I’m doing in relation to ‘formal-paid’ ministry.  I was well liked, I seemed to be doing a good job, but in my most honest moments I sensed there was something more than doing what I’d always done.
  • I re-discovered that the kingdom belongs to ’such as these’ and that if Jesus really is who He says He is, then everyone has a place and a job in His government coming to earth.  So often ‘church as we know it’ elevates and praises the gifted, charismatic and powerful individual and yet Jesus calls a rag-tag group of rabbi flunks to turn the world upside down.
  • Home really is the primary place of ministering the love of Jesus in an authentic way.
  • Could it be that kingdom families that gather together could really resemble something like what we see in the New Testament with the sharing of possessions, gifts, time, and that real community is more than a sermon series!
  • The ministry of prayer and the Word had been neglected in my life and in the leadership I had been giving others.  Faith comes from a trust in a known Jesus which leads me to live by things that are unseen to the naked eye.  I had been placing my ‘trust’ in what I could do about the problem, I had been living by sight more that I wanted to admit and my new desire is now to live by faith which is more than and abstract idea of believing in God, but a concrete lifestyle of trusting him in obedience for all of life.
  • Much of what I implemented in my ministry seemed to be copied or crafted to suit the structure I found myself in.  In taking a step back, I wondered why Jesus said HE WILL BUILD HIS CHURCH, and he commanded us to make disciples and I was doing the opposite!  What if I let Jesus do his part and we did ours together!

And so I can’t go back now. Back to relating to God and His people in a manner which limits Him to my worldview.  Jesus is exciting, revolutionary, who is not bound to rules, regulations, and human agendas.   Sometime I wish I could take back my questions and undo what has been revealed to me. But like the matrix, once you know you must continue to be a part of the solution.  In this case, it is very exciting because not only does Jesus have a plan for me, He also has a blueprint for His church, and I simply want to take my place, pick up the talents and put them to work out of Love for my savior Lord. As for the details…you’ll only really know if you lay your hand to the plough!