Suggested books

Ordinary hero: Becoming a disciple who makes a difference. By Neil Cole

Christians today are on a rescue mission. Each of us is called to get involved in God’s plan to make disciples. A former California lifeguard, Neil Cole weaves together his personal experiences of saving lives with biblical principles for how to make and multiply disciples. Cole shows how to create Life Transformation Groups that can help a Christian grow in a safe and transparent relationship with one or two other spiritual pilgrims. A great read, full of stories, but even better, it will empower you to make a difference.

Radical: Taking back your faith from the American dream. By David Platt

Also available as an audio book from I-tunes

David Platt’s book “Radical” reflects a wider move of God through which He is stirring His people to live radically for Him to finish discipling all nations (Mt. 24:14 and Mt 28:18-20).

“Radical” will challenge most readers in the healthiest of ways, not simply to agree with what is wrong with the Western Church, but to take practical steps to join others in living for God’s global kingdom. As the Chinese proverb says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Snakes In The Temple: Unmasking Idolatry In Today’s Church And Pointing The Way To Spiritual Breakthrough. By David Orton

David Orton is a friend of Peter’s from Mornington Peninsula who has served as a pastor, teacher and leader for over 25 years. David is a prophetic teacher and is the founder/ director of Life messenger. Peter has copies of this book, so please contact him if you’d like one.

“Snakes in the Temple” casts a biblical vision of the church’s kingdom-revival future and addresses the hindrances to its fulfilment. This book asks some penetrating questions about the current state of the western Church. David contends that the Church has made idols of the goals of church growth and revival; it has idolized productivity and power, but must return to the simplicity of the Great Commandment. It is time to unmask all idolatry and issue a fresh call to the Church to engage in a heart-process with God to resolve it.

Walking with God. By John Eldredge

Also available as an audio book from I-tunes

One question we get asked so many times is “How can I hear the voice of God?” In this book John Eldredge shares how.

God longs to speak. And it is our right and privilege to hear His voice. Our deepest longings could all find sufficient fulfilment in God’s company. Yet, somehow, the looming discontent of most Christians is a lack of intimacy with God. Walking with God moves through a year in the life of John Eldredge showing and teaching what an intimate relationship with God looks like day to day. It shows readers that walking intimately with God can be a normal part of the Christian life.

The Father Heart of God: Experiencing the Depths of His Love for You. By Floyd McClung

Central to life in a simply/organic church family is an awareness of and living from the Father-heart of God. Floyd McClung freshly reveals the freedom and healing that come from discovering God as the perfectly reliable Father—eager to meet every need, ready to give his love. Readers will learn

· how to deal with heart issues that prevent them from calling God “Father”

· how the Father’s compassion heals the deep emotional wounds caused by earthly fathers who don’t know how to love…or who just aren’t there

· how relationships can be restored and homes reunited

Waking the dead. By John Eldredge

Also available as an audio book from I-tunes

Over the past few years the Holy Spirit has been showing us how to live from the heart and not solely from the mind, as tends to happen so much in our world today.

What a blessing this book is. John Eldredge offers inspirational guidance on how to care for the heart as a treasure of God’s kingdom, and how to live from the heart in order to energise others. Readers will discover the keys to developing a heart-attitude that overflows with power and blessing.

The House Church Book: Rediscover the Dynamic, Organic, Relational, Viral Community Jesus Started.

By Wolfgang Simson and George Barna

This is a revised version of hte classic: Houses that change the world.

In a world where the church is being ignored, it is time to bring the church to the people, and not the people to the church, says researcher and church strategy consultant Wolfgang Simson. His book Houses that Change the World (originally published in the UK) is widely recognized as a classic of the house church movement. Now revised as The House Church Book, this definitive work offers a comprehensive understanding of the past, present, and future of the house church movement—and the vital role of “ordinary” people in saturating the world with God’s truth.

Pagan Christianity (revised and updated). By Frank Viola and George Barna

Are we really doing church “by the Book?”

Also available as an audio book from I-tunes

Pagan Christianity documents specific areas where contemporary church life violates biblical principles. Whether you agree with all the conclusions the authors draw or not, you will have no argument with their documentation. Particularly for those of us in the modern simple-church movement, this is a valuable tool to force rethinking what church really is.

Church Planting Movements: How God is Redeeming a Lost World. By David Garrison

Fifteen thousand new churches started in a single year! One hundred and fifty thousand Muslims turned from Muhammad to Jesus! Four thousand churches planted in Northern India in just 10 years! This book reveals how God is turning millions to new life in Jesus Christ through the miracle of Church Planting Movements.