Purpose, Vision, Values

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So our purpose is:

To walk in the love of the Father and give it away so all people may cherish his grace and extend his glory.


As this purpose is lived out in the power of the Holy Spirit, we envision followers of Jesus will be:

  • walking intimately with the Lord, hearing his voice, and walking in his ways, thus living lives of worship
  • practising community, learning to live a new life through community, and replicating this transformed newness in all areas of life
  • living out of their identity as sons and daughters of the King, reproducing spiritual children out of their “being” in Christ
  • intentionally seeking to live out the great commission and multiplying new Kingdom families/communities


Understanding the principle of building from relationship to structure, rather than structure to relationship, we embrace the following values:

Christ-centred lives, expressing the Lordship of Christ

Apostolic alignment

Accountability (being under authority releases authority)

The principle of spiritual fathers/mothers and sons/daughters

Expressing the Father heart of God

A sense of belonging and family

Authentic Relationships (openness, honesty and integrity)

A Spirit-filled church where the ministry of the Holy Spirit is a priority

Team ministry

Unity in the Body of Christ

Living Bible-based Christianity

The priesthood of all believers and, every believer a minister

The unique value and divine destiny of each individual

Living a supernatural life, naturally

Excellence of ministry

Sacrificial servanthood

Passion for God, his church and his Kingdom

Kingdom values, vision and lifestyle

A world vision and a compassionate burden for the lost

Righteousness and justice are the foundations of the Kingdom

Living life in the grace and mercy of God

A Kingdom influence and impact on the moral fabric of society

Hebrew rather than a Greek mentality

The principle of reasoning from the whole to the part

God confirms his word through signs and wonders

Doing coming out of being

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