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Some say, “Life is short, play hard!” We say, “Eternity is long, live fully and fruitfully!” Starfishoz is a house/simple/organic church planting team that resources and equips others to live life with Jesus fully and fruitfully.

Life in and with Jesus is not simply about being part of a church, but is about being part of HIM.

While life is not all about you, we are all about you. And we are all about you so you can be all about others. In this way the Father’s multiplicatory plan for the world can become reality.


Are you looking to plant a simple church?

Are you seeking to establish an equipping team?

Are you desiring to grow as a spiritual father/mother so you can effectively disciple and parent others in their walk with Jesus?

Then feel free to connect with either one of us for a discussion as to how this may take place.

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